Home news Extra security for Christmas shoppers in Leeds city centre

Extra security for Christmas shoppers in Leeds city centre


Barriers have been installed in Leeds city centre as part of security measures to protect Christmas shoppers from potential attacks.The city council said the barriers would restrict vehicle access to pedestrianised areas in the run-up to Christmas.The measures were not in response to any specific threat but were to provide reassurance, it said.Permanent bollards will be installed in the city centre next year.More on this and other local stories for across YorkshireThe current threat level for international terrorism in the UK is severe – which means an attack is highly likely.Councillor Richard Lewis, executive member for planning, said: “We are talking on some days 300,000 people walking through here, so we just felt it was a sensible measure to take which wasn’t over the top.”We haven’t had any warnings – that isn’t what’s driving it – it’s very much about us taking precautionary measures to give reassurance to the public.””This is part of our ongoing planned programme of work, which will see a permanent bollard system introduced in the city centre next year,” he added.Other cities have also introduced extra security measures for the festive period.In Manchester, armed police are patrolling Christmas markets for the first time to provide reassurance with barriers put up at key locations in the city centre.Similar precautions are being taken at Birmingham’s Frankfurt Christmas market and Lincoln’s Christmas market.
Source: BBC Leeds